Storyteller Brother John

I was born in the Sixties in little England, down river from the Queen’s Castle in Windsor. I have always been an Outsider, as my Heart has found no belonging in our class divided, Monarchical culture of Empire. When I was 28yrs, I awoke to my Soul Purpose and set out from Glastonbury on a Pilgrimage to reveal the Truths behind the Myths and Legends of Britain. On my quest I became a storyteller and lived in England, Wales, Scotland and Ulster. I had to conclude though, that all our folk stories (both pagan and Christian) and the ancient history of Britain, has been deleted or distorted by the invading powers of Saxons and Normans; in collusion with the Church in Rome. Much crucial Teachings were omitted from the Bible, the HOLY TRINITY was changed from the FATHER-MOTHER-SON to invalidate our DIVINE MOTHER of CREATION and YESHUA was dishonoured with the name Jesus by corrupt priests of the Church. King Arthure was replaced by Cerdic, as the Founder of Wessex and the Normans fancifully rewrote His life story in The Arthurian Legends to validate the Crusades; which slaughtered the Cathars who practiced YESHUA’S Essene Teachings. The Normans final suppression of our Spiritual Heritage came with the Desolation of the Monasteries and their replacement with the English Church.

From a history of power grabs and lies to Rule over us, we are a divided peoples without a true Cultural story; the Soul Story of Britain. As a storyteller, I grew uninspired telling fictitious tales and prayed that one day the Truth would be revealed; with a Destiny for us all to follow.

Three and a half years ago, I completed a full circle and returned to Glastonbury. I met the Nazarean Essenes and discovered a set of five books by LORD MIKAAL (Archangel Michael) called The Winds of Truth. The Great Writings of The Truths of GOD. Here was the prize of my quest, with the answers to all my questions about Life and the nature of Existence. From the Birth of the Universes from the HEART of GOD, and the Solar Planes of THE HEAVENS; to the Creation of our Planet and the Birth of the first Humans in the Image of GOD. And especially, the forgotten Spiritual history of Britain in Cornwall and Glastonbury, with the first Essene Monastery at Tintagel and the HOLY GRAIL in Avalon. The reasons YESHUA visited Glastonbury, the life of King Arthure and much more.

I am now a Storyteller for our Living GOD, LORD YAHWEH, THE SOUL of CHRIST, and HIS SON, YESHUA, who is the LIGHT of LIFE. From an outsider to an Insider, I am a bridge between these Higher Teachings and a sleeping Humanity. I am a Brother to all those that seek the Truth behind Religion and Science, and a Guide to lift you above the lies and illusions of Empire culture, to join in the Circle of existence and the Spiritual Family of Life.

Many Blessings for all who awaken to the soul within and find the true Path to GOD.