On top of the Tor overlooking Glastonbury Town is the iconic St. Michael’s Tower. Yet, Who is Archangel Michael?

Heavenly Pilgrim in Avalon is born from LORD MIKAAL’S Words, that were recorded in a series of five books called “The Winds of Truth. The Great Writings of the Truths of GOD.” These books were channelled through HIS Daughter Chavarinis between 1938-41, who incarnated to achieve this task and returned to Spirit shortly after.

Ever since, these writings have been protected and made available in Glastonbury by a series of dedicated individuals forming Trusts. The present Trust is The Christ Rose Sanctuary and the Truths of LORD MIKAAL’S Words can be heard through Storytelling, with Brother John on a Heavenly Pilgrim in Avalon Tour.

Recent Teachings concerning the NEW JERUSALEM in Avalon and other Channelled Heart/Mind expanding Revelations from LORD YESHUA and LORD YAHWEH, can be listened to on The Christ Rose Sanctuary website (link below).

A five part Pilgrimage of the Heart,
within the Sacred Grounds of Glastonbury Abbey.
Guiding you from the worldly mindset of myths & legends,
to the Circle of your Spiritual Heart & Destiny.
(through Stories that are recorded in the Akashic Records)

You will follow in the Footsteps of Yeshua and HIS Disciples. as the Mysteries of AVALON are Revealed. From the wattle and daub TEMPLE & THE HOLY THORN, to the HOLY GRAAL & King Arthur’s Sword, Escaburre. I will inspire your imagination to see a New Living Creation Story through your Heart, where you can Connect with our HEAVENLY FAMILY to Empower your Life Purpose. We will travel back in a time before the fall of consciousness in man, to the First Temple of AVALON. Where YESHUA Sat Upon the Throne, and MOTHER Earth with HER Peoples lived in a HEAVENLY PARADISE. You will be invited to enter the NEW JERUSALEM, where YESHUA once again SITS Upon the Throne with THE MAGDALENE, to Begin a New SILVER AGE of LOVE & LIFE.