Heavenly Pilgrim in Avalon

A 2.5 hr Circular Journey from a worldly ego-based mindset; to the Heart of Life & Love

You will follow in the Footsteps of Yeshua and HIS Disciples. as the Mysteries of AVALON are Revealed. From the wattle and daub TEMPLE & THE HOLY THORN, to the HOLY GRAAL & King Arthur’s Sword, Escaburre. I will inspire your imagination to see a New Living Creation Story through your Heart, where you can Connect with our HEAVENLY FAMILY to Empower your Life Purpose. 

We will travel back in a time before the fall of consciousness in man, to the First Temple of AVALON. Where YESHUA Sat Upon the Throne, and MOTHER Earth with HER Peoples lived in a HEAVENLY PARADISE. You will be invited to enter the NEW JERUSALEM, where YESHUA once again SITS Upon the Throne with THE MAGDALENE, to Begin a New SILVER AGE of LOVE & LIFE.

Listen to true stories of The Holy Graal, The Holy Thorn, the buried relics of the Crucifixion, YESHUA’S wattle & daub Temple, HIS Disciples developing the first Essene Community of CHRISTENDOM, King Arthure & His Sword Escaburre, and the first Temple of Avalon before the fall of Humanity & more… 
You will be amazed & enlightened by The Nazarean Essene Knowledge & History of the past, present & future of these HOLY ISLAND.